Friday, August 31, 2007

16mm sessions

babo's gamo's at the cliffo's. spend all day at the beach. be so tired that
you cant even think strait. give love and repect to mother nature.
evol becomes love. Meu Amor do Verao


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Where did the World Begin and I Start to End?

why do you do what you do? you talk about this and that, but none of it really seems to make a difference.
i saw this and i did this. so what! where can you find what will really makes you happy?

is it a job? is it your family? the perfect sentence? or a lost love?

why do people blogout? sit there and stare at the screen to create something that will probably never be seen. paint a picture
that hangs on the wall of your lonely bedroom. why?

because you have to do what makes YOU happy. take some time and level out.

so go for it. take the long road home. sit back. drink more. be weird. make sure you know YOU.

give kisses not scowls