Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Shred shred shred shred.

Spend Memorial Weekend enjoying what soldiers in the US and A die for.  I don't amp on war but I enjoy freedom.  So, to thanks all our soldiers, I took liberty to the limit.  Excercising my right to be a total surf bum. HB, Seal Jetty by bike and a full hippy seshi at Lowers for 5 hours strait.

1. Getting spanked on the ass by a beginner surfers sled I just gave pointers.
2. Leon looking like a jetty dweller on the walk down the LB jetty to paddle to river.
3. Two million frontside carves.
4. Reggae
5. Parking on the military base just because we were nice and said the word "Sir".
6. Surfing uncrowded lowers with Gsepp for 5 hours strait.
7. Riding my finless Rabbits Foot at uncrowded lowers.
8. Getting ejected off my board on a set sliding backwards down the face.
9. 3 Pacifico's after my surf.
10. A Giant American Flag photo shoot
11.  White Denim
12. Sunsets
13. Being Alive.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Elvis P

How amazingly romantic is Elvy? All leathered up and ready to party.  Fading back and forth on a strong dose of Xanax.  Women gazing into his half closed eyes.  Spotlight softly illuminating that tanned sweaty skin.  Elvy............Elvy

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Met David FUCKING Choe today.  Walking down 7th in DTLA with a grimey slice of pizza at 3pm on a Weds.  See some vile excuse for a Korean fumbling around with a ladder in front of a dope ass half finished mural.

TWO THUMBS UP.  David Choe in all his glory.  Wearing shitty ass clothes, covered in paint, pink sandals, with his homies picture on his shirt (homie took the photo of us).  Koreans gone wrong.  Facebook millionaire. I cant FUCKING believe it.  I feel like I met God and he gave me a high five.  I was shivering with angst.

This guy is a true adventurer.  Degenerate gambler.  Racist.  Porn addict.  Savage and a model American (Korean).

Amen American Amen.

FUCKING DAVID CHOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!