Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Got the new Autolux vinyl last night and I must say it's pretty fucking eargasmic. Make a coffee and take a ride. No track skipping necessary although I am playing favorites to HIGHCHAIR and THE BOUNCING WALL right now. Buy this album or DIE by the hand of Kim Jong!

Long Beach Represent

Met this gentlemen on my skate to snatch a cup of joe (the coffee was cold, bastards). I had to snap a photo of this creature, his whole kit was beyond the nut block. The Marshall Brothers couldn't have dreamt him up in their most perverted dreams.

Anyhow. I had to backup and set my coffee down on this fool and give some respect. He's been backing the destruction of the breakwater for decades. He attends all city council meetings and speaks at most. He got hit by a "hipster on a bike with no breaks" on the way down there. Needless to say he was less than impressed. Didn't catch his name. But I doubt he has Facebook so asking was pointless.

(notice that LBC cap)

This is him pictured below. He also arm wrestled "The Duke" and won.

So the point here is the city passed the second installment of Breakwater Destruction assessment. They are going to be doing some more tests on what will happen to the port and Penni and hopefully I will be surfing my home break before I look like Iggy Pops corpse.

Here's the real write up for people who enjoy propaganda. Ps Bob Foster eats a Philly Cheesesteak every day. Knob.

A few moments ago, Mayor Bob Foster and Colonel Mark Toy of the Army Corps of Engineers, signed the official agreement between the City of Long Beach and Federal Government to begin the official Breakwater Reconfiguration Study.

Known officially as the East San Pedro Bay Ecosystem Restoration Study, the findings will include opportunities for ecosystem restoration, water quality improvements, and increased wave activity along our coast. The ceremony was held at Bluff Park and in attendance were dozens of local officials, community members, and environmental leaders.

We now have a historic opportunity to remake our shoreline and our city. As we move forward, we will ensure that the study fully looks at protection of our coastal homes and the Port of Long Beach.

Restoring our shore could be the most important thing to happen to Long Beach in a generation. It was a historic occasion, and it was great to see the signing in person. Thanks to Mayor Foster, the Army Corps, and especially the Surfrider Foundation.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Such a champion. Fired up.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The small things

My ill little work spot vs Kim Jong ill-master flash. You tell me.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Via Con Dios

The good times for Johnny Utah...

Then Johnny got his first tube....

Then he had to arrest Bodi...he was totally bummed out!

Speaks for himself

Friday, November 19, 2010

Stu stu studio.....

Ate jarkoya and got a shiska on my dome piece. Felt like a dumb stupid idiot and kinda like I was in a deadbeat summer video....

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New 5'7" Paragon

Basically got a new shredder from my home skillets at Paragon. Its a dumpster diver style and has an extra fin in the middle. I guess it's called a "thruster". Not sure when this new style came out but I'm channeling Dane Reynolds spirit and doing it for Andy....

Ps. That mat is for attracting small children.

Night water dancing

Below the sea with all the creatures can make you feel like earthworm on the hot sidewalk. Zill and Heff are like rabbits in a hole. This hole provided yummy lobsters instead of worthless carrots...fuck I hate vegetables. Lambi.
Running around at 5000 rpm's at midnight gets me so hyper and I start dancing to jens lekman under the starry night.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dancing with Lamar

Lakers need a win. We cannot get buck fucked tonight. If we win, send me a message...I'm going out dancing.

Lamar is coming too...

Love ya

Jacob Jahn

Monday, November 15, 2010

Mars on C A F F Y

Went to Mars after having an awesome time in France. Mars is a lot like Arizona but cooler. People drink outta plungers and your nostrils get really dry. The Poo Bear was in full Utah love mode. Best Mexican.

Sean Hayes...Detroit

Super fun. Played it rock n roll style. Covered a Talking Heads track.

Location:Sean Hayes....Detroit

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Stay young

Keep your wheels in motion. Went on an AM filming session for a promo movie for Riviera skateboards. Justin is a pro again and I'm a full scale wood pusher. We're gonna be doing some filming around California. Keep your eyes open.
Here are some of the snapshots from this mornings session.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Part V: Le Monde du Surf

The internet here in France sucks! I wrote a beautiful tale about my French day in the sun but the shit was busted and it got lost in some French dip aju sauce. Anyhow. I woke up looking like a corpse. Fucking junky! Had de-jah-vu. French perfection. Allstar cast. Jizzer, Stevo, Clifferton, Goyo Pescado aka "the Fawley Lama", a rockstar named Dan and a French Swedish man. The Beach Terror ended with Beach Nachos in the French parking lot.