Monday, November 26, 2007

Will J

this is my pal will J. He is a freak off his leash. You may have seen
him sporting a grotesque leather suit in other blogs but this really takes the cake.
He is a surfer, claiming that surfing is for Homo's. And What is the point? i challenged him to
see how serious he was about his convictions. I sprayed a broken board and put it on a stick and wanted
him to rock NS HB pier in the water. Yelling at guys "ripping" hey! fuck off as they surfed by. THis is as far as he could go. Football and taking dips was his MO. After taunting him for another 20 minutes he went off. He almost smashed my computer. He tore off his shirt, hopped in
his truck. Screamed "get off my shit!" and peeled out around the next three corners.

Favorites=Rick Morranus in Space Balls. Spending shit loads of cash at bars, then getting kicked out. cooking and not eating.
Hates=horses, surfing, music, art, the environment and me.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Oh yeah more goon bags!

So yeah. Clifferton, Sr. Posea, Nez Man, Jizzer and
yours truly took an epic little surfari down to Trestles the other
week and scored. Uber-fun wavos but even better we turned the lineup
into a bunch of blood thirsty vamps. Goons, Vamps and wino's.
As the crew pushed their buzz the lineup got scared. An old pirate looking
mother fucker even worked his way into our vampy little wine guzzling goon
bag crew. The session was capped by Clifferton pounding a goon sip, tossing the
bag and snagging the right of the day. He explained that off the takeoff he was
pretty tipsy and was experiencing some acid reflux from the cheap boxed goon bag.
Needless to say he recovered and ripped it all the way to the beach. Good on Ya cliffertons!
So if you ever want to combat the pack at the ever crowded Lowers, bring out a goon bag and
a small crew of your most convict looking pals.


Monday, October 29, 2007

And On

Saturday it became a kiddo
diet pill fest. The photo's dont do it
justICE but leather and big bird is always
a hit.

SF Freak Show continued

Oh yeah. if i was ever gonna
kill anyone id do it in this dungeon.
its a rad place to party.

SF Freak Show

So after crip walking around Rasta Cruz and
Goon Bagging around the City it got weird.
We lost our Bird Watcher and resident coffee
expert to Yosemite. But we traded her in for a
Yoga expert from Cooosssta Riiica! This fine lady
had us all over the place. If you see her say hello, her
name is Adri. She might be really cool or call you a Fag.
Anyhow Met up at some bar
where the bar keep was a complete dick. We showed the Queens
Nails how to get loose. I was sugar dancing all over that place. After getting
3 Utahs we shimmied over to a real Dungeon. This party was full of art types and
creegers. Skated with a fellow named Gerald. He reminded me of a cross between Ray Barbee and
and John Belushi. Later that night i saw a girl from Canada (Ohhhhooo Caaannnnaada Youuuuuhooo)
two step on the hood of a brand new heels. it was so rude. still confused.


Goon Bags #4

Goon Bags #3

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Goon Bags #2

Goon Bags

Spent time mashing up the coast with Posea crushing
goon bags and dodging filthy pigs. Rincon was fun surfing
like a total bag of POOP. slater was ripping and dude who was
gonna get back surgery the next day had a hell of a time on
his environmentally friendly board. Party platters, sawing logs,
Cow Palace, Santa Cruzing, hikes and Miss Gina Peters, our gyppo
birdwatching friend. Quite a specimen. Heart Rocks....Booze Boooze forget
the blues.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

hunter s. thomson

hunter. evol. ocean. earth.
i hope that i can look back
at my life and see that i was
part of something. good. pure.
unstoppable. rip Dr.


Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Big Sur

Check this place out! Its called Julia Pheiffer Burns State Park.
Its the most beautiful place on the planet and YOU cant go there. Actually
no one can. Its a look but dont touch program. Let me TELL you! My feet will be in that
sand and hair will be under that waterfall. The State takes something away from us. Bullshit!
Sea you there. Its like saying look at this good plate of food...How does it taste? When you cant eat
it you just dont know. Well my pallet is wet and needs sand to quench it.
Plus this old dude pictured is what you become when you achieve the sand in toes goal.
Cant wait!!!!!


Road Soadee

Yeah. so im going on a cross-country freak show. mashing across the good old USA with my friend Poo Bear.
we are gonna smash through 10 states in 4 days. ending in Ann Arbor Mich. if we dont end each other before we get there.
bindles and bindles. destination is a blow out jock fest. poo bear and tigger will be seen driving a big van with trailor attached. halloween. keep yourself on tap because its going to get weird.
Depart La.=10-20-07-Arrive Ann Arbor=Hopefully on thursday.

THis is gonna be a full on hacker show. Check out the Map we are planning on. some piece of crap that i painted on and then had to chip paint off to see the HWY. We're totally screwed and im stoked.



Is still showing up around the world.
People with love are always a little EVOL.



started giving a old board some help. the thing
looked terrible but it kinda looks cool now right?
needs more help i think.



This is a classic case of over-engineering. My pal hank built this wacko hose system for post surf showering.
The concept is key. Black hose gets hot and warms the water. then gravity takes its course. We gave it a go. as you can see we ended up the old fashioned way. just dumping it on his grill.


Sunday, October 7, 2007