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Slackness is some Jamaican rude boy steez. I've blogged it before. Nezzy rocks it. But this fool is next level rude boy, don't give a fuck, wearin sponge bob pj's, pushin mongo, SLACKNESS. His whole shits on tilt. Pants are at his knees and twisted upside down. Almost kris kross.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Seals......Old time tour through Wet City Streets

TJ is Mexico as FUCK

Polar Snag

These dudes have some serious #campvibes......... I need to up my #campvibes and less #cityhack............Less grit, more grime..........#surfvibes..........check.    Gotta get the goon back in my bag................  Oh yea, Ron Artest is a mark ass piece of #catpiss.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Do you think he remembers me?


The Day the Internet Died

Poor zit popping 10th graders across the country couldn't do their book reports................

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Serve the People

Oh so Handsome

Saw the Handsome Furs on Monday night it things got a bit outta hand. What are u supposed to do when u walk in the door and the first people you talk to are the band members. Zack, Dana, Trambi and Stevo posted up the skrill to receive admittance and all seemed to enjoy. A few interesting surprises and Tuesday at work was haggis. See the pics, listen to a son and you were basically there.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Flying South, I Mean Driving

Lee and Nat rolled through the grand pad two nights ago before making their trek into Mexico! The mission started in Oregon and is ending....well never. But the expiration date on this Latin surf conquest is three months from yesterday and their scene is fully dialed. We had a few nights talking about surf and quivers over choice frosties. Seems like they aren't missing a damn shape. They have two for each condition. Hundreds of poorly paved roads ahead of them, a surf adventure begins. Might hop a flight and meet up with them and the jiz. To be continued.....

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Laces Out Asshole

People who eat fast food litter like a mother fucker. Funny I never see a whole foods bag with leftover whatever the fuck rich people buy there. I ONLY see McDonalds, Jack in the Box, Del Taco ect.... What's the deal? Do people who eat fast food just not give a shit about their personal environment so they don't give a flip about the planets? Or is there a correlation between fast food and being a dumb stupid fucking idiot?I like to stuff my piehole with the occasional soft taco. That sure as shit doesn't mean I'm gonna toss 50 pieces of trash out the window. (unless I'm on the 5 in Bakersfield , then it's ok because that place is a roachy cum stain on the beauty that is California.) I digress. So yea. Warning to any big Mac consuming, ranch dressing smothering, stupid dumb mother fucking, carnival attending, country music listening piece of ciggi smoking, white trash, penny wise listening, whack back-tramp stamp, taco stain,oversized volcom sticker, chicken nugget popping, 12 piece ordering, puka shell, donkey fucking, strip club attending ASSHOLE I'm going to toe punt you in the taint if I catch you. You FUCK.

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Rediscovery X-4.3

Got zero downtown so had to get upcharged. Tres Flores with reckless abandon. Had 1000 beers with garthy baby. Hopped the muni. Saw scum. Ate sush. Met up with gblades sis, my honey badger and co. Sake bombs with flies. To the electric teeth bar. Crosses burning in the street. Besos. Champagne. Deth. The dude. Holding hands. Veal Milladrini got LOW. Some chick posed for a pic heel deep in puke. Celebraish. Bombed it he at 7 Touchdown in lb at 330am. Rude as fuck.

Rediscovery X 4.2

Woke up in the Rasta of Cruz. Took a quick look at the surf with gblade and mr Melvadere. Got terrified and opted for some acai and granola.
Had a tweaked morning and then took the plunge in the pacific. Surfed like a child but the blade runner got a few rollers.
Drank a few warm coldies and hit the fucking bricks. Sf bound. Nervous. Surrounded by pigeons. Made a new flavor of gatoraid.