Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It Turns~ It Turns~ It Turns

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Marine Layer Creep~

How is that creep in the upper right hand corner??? Face coated in white.... Cheering on a bald 40 year old man.... Saw this on Danes Blog....Yea, you know how I get around Kelly.  What a dreamboat~ HUNK ~

Take a look around the video NAPKIN HB... You might hear a certain UBER fan sayin "Yea Kelly, Lets DO THIS"

FUCKING JOCK.............

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Calvin Love~ So HOT!

That track I had up earlier got babyloned..... Here is this cut~

Fun to Fan Out~

Monday, August 20, 2012

Higo Blade

Had to get myself a new blade.  I was carrying my grandfathers for a few years but unfortunately lost in the sand at Malizoo.  I regret losing that blade but I enjoy using things that I own.  I never pack things away in boxes for fear of losing.  Anyhow.  Pretty amped on this new purchase.  I hope it sticks with me until 
I'm gone and some little shit with the likeness of me can lose it somewhere better than a trendy ass LA pointbreak.

SARL got me off "track" today at work~ Arriba

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


This is my boy GSEPPI..........
You have seen him in other features here on notesfromthehole but this is my all time favorite.  He absolutely HATES CHINA........More than anything.  EVERY TIME he goes he gets violently ill.  Has the most fucked up occurrences with sketchy fucks trying to sell him tiger paws to make his peen hard.  Basically its hell on earth for this poor Italian fuck.

Plus every time he goes the surf starts pumping..... Guess what? Surfs up!  

Here is an email/video/picture he sent me last night with  a subject line:
My factory owner had a meltdown on his staff and wife today! SCREAMING IN CHINESE FOR THE LAST hour and a half.  He slammed a talking calculator on the ground and it broke into a million pieces. I'm about to lose it here, started listening to classical music, like a psychopath prepping for a murderous rampage.  My blood is boiling, but it could just be the pollution, mixed with the 90F rainy day, mixed with second hand smoke, mixed with boredom, mixed with the sound of screaming, mixed with the sounds of semi trucks honking every two fucking seconds in my ear, mixed with the fact I havent seen an ass in way too long,  mixed with the highlight of my day is brushing my teeth and taking a shit, mixed with the fear of getting violent diarrhea.  Thank god we are skipping lunch..................

Friday, August 10, 2012

summerWEEN 8-11-12 "The Swan Song"

This is the party you mom told you not to go to....

The one where the punch gets spiked and everyone goes buck ass wild on one another........

It's sluttier than some cold ass bitch Halloween party in that shit month October........

Its MOTHER FUCKING summerWEEN............

Prepare to get your ROCKS OFF>

Get the wettest wildest costume on.....Look yourself in the mirror and say........ I dont care what I do because I wont remember...........

This shit is gonna make the FUCKING Catalina wine mixer look like recess in grade school.

Bring your own WIG YA PIG it's gonna get filthy

Full kegger house party.

DJ HORSEMOUTH & RUDEBOY SELECTAH, BrittonCampanelli will be pouring hot magma down your gizzards so put on your blue suede shoes.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Licks and Kicks~

Gift from PETAH!

There really is still rock n roll~

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