Monday, November 26, 2007

Will J

this is my pal will J. He is a freak off his leash. You may have seen
him sporting a grotesque leather suit in other blogs but this really takes the cake.
He is a surfer, claiming that surfing is for Homo's. And What is the point? i challenged him to
see how serious he was about his convictions. I sprayed a broken board and put it on a stick and wanted
him to rock NS HB pier in the water. Yelling at guys "ripping" hey! fuck off as they surfed by. THis is as far as he could go. Football and taking dips was his MO. After taunting him for another 20 minutes he went off. He almost smashed my computer. He tore off his shirt, hopped in
his truck. Screamed "get off my shit!" and peeled out around the next three corners.

Favorites=Rick Morranus in Space Balls. Spending shit loads of cash at bars, then getting kicked out. cooking and not eating.
Hates=horses, surfing, music, art, the environment and me.

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