Monday, January 4, 2010

Rediscovery (Day Two)

So we woke up at Nizzlers after a night of getting totally fucked off drunk and busted up with dander from TAAAAAYLER. Hop skipped in the rig, with Capitain Heff behind the wheel.  Trust Salsi's he said. We obliged.  What do you know....RINCON...FUCKING FIRING OFF ITS TITS...Tubes from the top to the botttom. (got no pics, but I swear it was). Oh, wait, before that we lurgeed about in the downtown Santee Barbee and drank coffee and discussed abduction.
Then we hit the road, ate some kitty.
Post kitty shit got weird with me behind the wheel. I ran on fumes until the buggy couldnt make it any further.  Thanks IPOD Apps.....Charged all the way to stop two...Gmoneys...Got some PHO and back into the dander cage...this time...a god damn cat.....

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