Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The ZOO.......

Double days...............

Ando's in the morning.  Dodged a 9.2 earthquack that was supposed to ruin all of Los Angeles.  The earthquack god was totally wrong and I didn't have to rape anyone. At 10:59am I was happy that I wasn't dead as fuck or in a pile of rubble. 

Cheebo Chally made me some kitty and I was in hopes of ranging up to the Zoo.  Linked up with micah and cheebo.  Surfed fun Zoo and slipped away from a ton of LA Zombies.  Jbrother and Sarlo were trading off and really giving it a GO! GO! GO!

Later we popped the car lid and had to get pip started.  Shot some tequila and had a few civvies.  Rushed down a few tall boys of the latin decent and off to Echo Park Park Park Park Park to see the Tijuana Panthers.  Super fun with TNT and Tecates. 

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