Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Laces Out Asshole

People who eat fast food litter like a mother fucker. Funny I never see a whole foods bag with leftover whatever the fuck rich people buy there. I ONLY see McDonalds, Jack in the Box, Del Taco ect.... What's the deal? Do people who eat fast food just not give a shit about their personal environment so they don't give a flip about the planets? Or is there a correlation between fast food and being a dumb stupid fucking idiot?I like to stuff my piehole with the occasional soft taco. That sure as shit doesn't mean I'm gonna toss 50 pieces of trash out the window. (unless I'm on the 5 in Bakersfield , then it's ok because that place is a roachy cum stain on the beauty that is California.) I digress. So yea. Warning to any big Mac consuming, ranch dressing smothering, stupid dumb mother fucking, carnival attending, country music listening piece of ciggi smoking, white trash, penny wise listening, whack back-tramp stamp, taco stain,oversized volcom sticker, chicken nugget popping, 12 piece ordering, puka shell, donkey fucking, strip club attending ASSHOLE I'm going to toe punt you in the taint if I catch you. You FUCK.

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