Friday, June 1, 2012

Fool Got Sleepy As FUCK

Yo, when youre a bum in downtown muther fucking LA. Shits tough.  You got to make sure you have the freshest new Nike Air's.  You got to make sure your cell is fully charged if youre planning to hit the club later with your boys.

If things get too tough. Like rough as rough and tough.  Tired as a MUCK.  Like the kinda tired a little kid at Disneyland gets and you need to pass out..........BUCK UP and get yourself some zzzzzzzzzzz's doggy.

No better place then right in the middle of the GAT DAMN concrete on Alameda! Trucks flying by.  Dirt all over the place. Rocks bouncing off your head.  Damn dog! Youre so busy you gotta just get it when you can!

Sleep well playa..........sleep well.

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