Thursday, September 20, 2012

Shopping on Patagonia - G Style

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Chat InformationHi this is Dyna, how can I help you?
You: sup girl
Dyna: Hi
You: how you like that down sweater full zip hoody for a dude
Dyna: What's up with you?
Dyna: Fabulous! It's great for a girl, or a dude.
You: you like dat better than the non puffer
You: nano*
Dyna: The nano puff?
You: yea
Dyna: I do, because I run cold. It's more like an outer jacket.
You: the ultra lightweight
You: one
You: if that one is tighter
You: what one you like
Dyna: That one is slimmer than the down sweater, but not quite as warm.
You: word is born
You: i wanna stay super warm
You: like real real warm
You: never shivering
You: ever
Dyna: Down sweater would be better then.
You: tight girl
You: what one will a dude look hotter in
You: like
You: looks
You: not temp
You: i wanna be hot
You: but look hot too
You: true g status
Dyna: I personally like the down sweater look myself. I can totally understand
Dyna: Gotcha, it is hard to balance that fine line.
You: so keep it real
You: what you think
Dyna: Thanks, you too!
You: peace girl
You: much lobe
You: or love
Dyna: Peace to you and take care.
Dyna: thanks!
You: whatever way you slice it
Dyna: Exactly!
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