Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Surfers.  I dont get it. I know Im not the only human to feel this but why all the dramatic desert landscapes?  Why the downtown LA skyline?  I personally have never seen someone surfin in Downtown LA and Im here every fucking day.  LA isnt cool, deserts are dry and dusty and dirty and they are fucking deserts.  They dont have waves.  Deserts are for meth trailers and coyotes.  FUCK the desert.  Fashion and Surfing?  I long the days of cargo pants and DC shoes.  I love you Volcom.  Every YAE ad ever printed should be bound and given to all groms so this blaspheme never happens again.  I watched 3 short films on SURFERMAG dot com and saw 35 minutes of dudes and chicks in cities and deserts with drapy ass fucking black clothes on. Mixed in the matrix of fake ass art I saw about 45 seconds of surfing (all frontside revos).  It's Wednesday, Im sitting on the 5th floor of a giant fucking building in the heart of DTLA with smog, dust, hobo's, needles, trash, hookers, drug addicts, crime, piss, shit and all that other stuff people think is glamorous from a rented helicopter. Dear lord bring back LOST.  I miss Pennywise.

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