Sunday, December 30, 2012

101 Fawley Freedom

Took a buggy ride up the 101 with Plith to the Fawley ranch in Cayucos Ca. Arrived and went strait into meat heaven pork sword party. Was haunted by Prikabod Crane, the fire breathing body less peen. Plith was horrified and scared as. Me, Stevo, Boss Man, Zacko and late arrivers J Lord, Hollis and Ojaio Lux kept an even keel and didn't let that flaming penis take advantage of our minds or souls.

Early to bed in sub 40 degree temps in the casita was a nice respite from LA hoopala.

Arose to the most beautiful morning. Roosters crowing. Sun shinning. Bacon popping and so were brews.

Took a hike to the top of the world doing the cow pie two step and gaze at the vast blue mother O.

Capped off with glass hunting. Said our farewells and dipped into the vampy nights of San Fran.

Too be continued.....