Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Road Soadee

Yeah. so im going on a cross-country freak show. mashing across the good old USA with my friend Poo Bear.
we are gonna smash through 10 states in 4 days. ending in Ann Arbor Mich. if we dont end each other before we get there.
bindles and bindles. destination is a blow out jock fest. poo bear and tigger will be seen driving a big van with trailor attached. halloween. keep yourself on tap because its going to get weird.
Depart La.=10-20-07-Arrive Ann Arbor=Hopefully on thursday.

THis is gonna be a full on hacker show. Check out the Map we are planning on. some piece of crap that i painted on and then had to chip paint off to see the HWY. We're totally screwed and im stoked.


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