Monday, October 29, 2007

SF Freak Show

So after crip walking around Rasta Cruz and
Goon Bagging around the City it got weird.
We lost our Bird Watcher and resident coffee
expert to Yosemite. But we traded her in for a
Yoga expert from Cooosssta Riiica! This fine lady
had us all over the place. If you see her say hello, her
name is Adri. She might be really cool or call you a Fag.
Anyhow Met up at some bar
where the bar keep was a complete dick. We showed the Queens
Nails how to get loose. I was sugar dancing all over that place. After getting
3 Utahs we shimmied over to a real Dungeon. This party was full of art types and
creegers. Skated with a fellow named Gerald. He reminded me of a cross between Ray Barbee and
and John Belushi. Later that night i saw a girl from Canada (Ohhhhooo Caaannnnaada Youuuuuhooo)
two step on the hood of a brand new heels. it was so rude. still confused.


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