Monday, April 16, 2012

Quick get the BBQ Sauce

Shot up the 101 Friday afternoon with Veal Milidrini and Gblade.  Shit was hot from the Gvine on.   Snowing with no windshield wipers? No biggie.   Stopped in a Loves for a quick 90 minute blade tranfer in the rain.  Sure enough rain would subside and we'd be scooting with JD on our minds and countless vamps to mingle with.  Had a quick rest and was up at the lane high on a cup of liquid anxiety. God I fucking love anxiety.  Rode some icy rights and was back in the buggy going to the goth shop.  Got styled by some methhead and was off to my cousins wedding.  The moon wasnt too far and thats where things ended up.  The next day wasnt the easiest day of my existence but I managed to still look really fucking exquisite.  At at some BBQ joint and caught Pau jousting up back to back trips from beyond the rainbow arch.  Ate a bite and came close to the edge.  Damn youre beautiful. #suckedin

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