Monday, April 23, 2012

Things Jumped Off

Ron Mutha Farking Artest is an animal.  Look at this blow he connected with on Sundays game.  I'm not a sports writer, nor is this a sports blog, but this is more of a TKO situation.  He strait T'd OFF on the fools ear piece Tyson styles.  

Here's the play by play:
-Coast to Coast
-Left handed dunk
-Aggro celebration and chest pond
-Chest bump
-Camanchi elbow to a fools dome piece
-All buck ass wild hell breaks loose
-Ronjamin Franklin assumes ghet ghet fight chicken head postion, nut grab and all
-All peoples get up in this savages face
-Harden lays lifeless on the hardwood with no medical attention for 5 minutes

Long short, shit went off the hinge, Ron is a fucking maniac and shouldnt be fined or suspended, he should be put down like a pitbull that bit the mailman.  Fools completely beyond the nutblock *TM.

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