Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Riviera Road Dogs~ Day 1

Set off on another road dog trip with the savage crew of ingrates from Riviera Skateboards~

Lord JBlast behind the wheel. Joseph Pulverizer commanding underserved respect from undeserving species. Boss Man bursting flashes of the top of his orange fluro night stalker. Zeeke powering mukluks downhill grinning ear to ear like a pig in shit. Dr. Drewbaca snapping in his zee's. Young Jacob my son poppin Ollie's and more boners than Ron fuckin Jeremy. J-list squirrel ing about high on taurine and B12. Shoeless joe Jackson powersiding with powdercoated palm pilots. Doobs and The Ghost Wizzard flying down hills and jumping over big liplillies. And then good ol me. Just looking amazing. Sitting there. Shirtless but fully covered. Getting paid. Loving my life. The adventure begins....

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