Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Room with a View

This dude has it made. Cool breeze running through his bougainvillea tree shaded tent.  His transportation device parked right out front.  Free garbage removal.  Too easy.  Sure, maybe he is starving like a fuck.  So am I.  Hungry on the way to the office cuz I'm late.  Starving at lunch cuz I'm too busy or just too damn lazy to get it.  Starving at dinner cuz Im getting home late.....

Sure call me a an ungrateful pile of shit.  Im not.  I just want more outta this busted ass world that some overachieving dickhead created. 

Or maybe Im starving for creative outlet.  Or excercise. Or love.  Or money.  Or TV.  Or whatever it is that I see when Im mindlessly surfing the word wide web of communication when I should be doing something that will in the long run make a difference (maybe not on a grand scale, but in my tiny world).

So anyhow.  Dude is killing it.  I on the other hand am basically wasting away like a pile of rat piss.  Or maybe I just need another coffee~


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