Saturday, October 6, 2012

Getting Gay With Worm

The size of his breasts were enormous.

Devlin| you sexy fuck.

Took my peddler to get a tune up and wound up at the most terrifying place on earth.


It's a rat cage for alcoholics and poo thirsty deviants. Sex crazed diabetics hopped up on alcohol and nicotine.
A modern Greek orgy with a soundtrack supplied by Village People and ACDC.

The game: POOL- The undertone was a hide the pool stick.

Two compliments within 5 seconds.

"hey guy". Yea. Yea he said "guy" in the creepiest gay drunk lisp of all time. You're "hairdo" is cute. Kinda "retro" like flock of seagulls. Or Robert Smith.

"Are those your socks! Or are those your tattoos sexy guy?"

Holy fucking shit. I'm crying with laughter inside. My penis has crawled inside my anus and everyone in here is begging to see.

Every damn dude in here got their ass pumped 10 minutes before walking in here and I'm lounging on the same seat.

Worm....the sickest Gaylord on the planet challenges the biggest rapist in here to a game.

Talk of ball after ball dropping in the "hole". Worm bursts out in worm shriek "you need to chalk your tip-Devlin baby".

Fuck fuck fuck

Game ends. Worm on top.

Devlin with the sweat stains the size of a medium shakies pizza reaches out his pale clammy hand to seal the deal Of a homosexual and strait sportsmanship.

"good game Matt"

Worm- "come on bro give me some tits" and goes in for the kill.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

Those magnificent chest hangers pressed against worms face; he was in heaven. Locked there with those 100% American beef patties hanging on his face like Dre beats.

It was glorious.


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