Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Fucking chinsy ass pussies.  Wont post a legit comment about the racism in the judging of surfing on the CT.  If they had one single shining black hair on their minuscule scrotum's they would post this beautiful piece of journalism.  They should call their forum "Let all suck on another Off"~~~~~~~~~~~ #sickofthis

Here is my shake since those cock jugglers wont post it~

The ASP judges are racist swine, and pigs do wear lipstick....I saw Perry Hatchet  in San Clemente wearing hooker red. (same color Gabby's mom wears to be honest, but that's not the point) Brazzies are annoying little gnats but Gabby was ROBBED.  Getting caught in the moment with a buzzer beater only works for Kelly. Come on....... we all know that!

Love Ya


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